Monday, February 13, 2012

The Hardware Societe [at] Melbourne CBD

Man, they are strict, when it came to Breakfast vs. Lunch.

A friend was going to meet me for brunch (ha-ha! Take that, Hardware Societe!) at 11:00-11:30am. I got there a bit early and got a couple of coffees while I waited for A. to turn up. While we perused the menu, we quickly realised that it was a cash only, which is a turn-off (BOO TO CASH-ONLY FACILITIES! Unless your mains cost <$10 you should not be cash-only!). Soon after the Husband dashed off to the ATM to withdraw money, the wait staff came over to inform me that they will NOT be taking ANY orders from the breakfast menu at 11:30AM SHARP. Despite telling her that my husband had gone to get money, and my friend had just parked the car, she insisted that I had to order then and there at ~11:29:29am if I wanted to order from the breakfast menu.

Because I can tell my husband what to eat (and because I kinda know what he'd like) I decided to order our meals from the Breakfast menu:

Baked Eggs w/ merguez sausage, almond pistou, black olives, manchengo ($15.0)

Cocette Eggs w/ crab meat, salmon pearls, spinach, creme fraiche, lemon ($17.0)

I ordered the baked eggs for the Husband; we remembered it being nice, but honestly don't remember much about it. We were, actually at the time, extremely upset upon receiving a phone call from our home builder (about needing to fork out an additional $6000) so our lack of memory could be more due to that.

My Cocette Eggs were really nice though. It's not an intense dish as it sounded; quite nice and easy to eat.

My dear friend A. had no choice but to order from the Lunch menu, which ended up being excellent:

Seared scallops - salted cod cakes, saffron rouille, fried capers & cress ($17.0)

I ended up having partial food envy - I really did enjoy what I ordered, but who would say no to scallops for lunch?

The Husband came on another day with a friend of his and really enjoyed lunch, though I had no idea what he ordered.

Overall, the food is enjoyable, not your usual "big fry up" brekkies, not expensive, but still a big thumbs-down to the CASH-ONLY policy.

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