Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Axil Coffee Roasters [at] Hawthorn

Took the day off on Tuesday and decided to have brunch in Hawthorn as I was in the area to pick up my framed paintings (see here for photos!).

I had driven past and wanted to come here the last time I came around to drop my paintings off.

Pretty huge space, it's not a place you can drive past and not notice.

Inside was really spacious too - even though we were seated pretty close to other patrons, I felt the acoustics didn't distract me too much

The coffee, needless to say, is great. Axil Coffee supplies beans to several cafes in town so they wouldn't have disappointed.

Spicy Baked Eggs... w/ Meredith goats cheese, dukkah, etc

I really really liked this - it wasn't too intense or overwhelming. The dukkah and nuts really added a nice earthy touch to it. Eggs were cooked perfectly, with the yolks still runny - yum! *claps with glee*

Potato Hash w/ chilli tomato relish, bacon and poached eggs

This dish was very good - nothing particularly original, but done well. The eggs were poached well, potato hash (potato hash can do no wrong, really) and bacon not greasy and gross.

Overall - a definite recommendation! The food is great, and the place is very accommodating for us to hang about for hours (granted, it was a Tuesday afternoon).

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