Monday, August 5, 2013

Kampung Story [at] Point Cook, VIC

The first time we ate here I wasn't terribly impressed. I had thought the prices were a bit too steep for what we were getting; from what I can recall, I think each dish was around the $12 mark. The Husband didn't mind the place as he enjoyed the Roasted Chicken Rice, though I wasn't particularly keen on it.

We gave it another shot one afternoon when we realised they had begun offering a lunch deal; $9.80 for a main meal plus a drink and a chicken + sweet corn soup. Now that, I think, is a way more appropriate price point. I think with the lunch deal, you choose one main meal from around 6-8 choices.

 Roasted Chicken Rice

The Husband, of course, ordered the roasted chicken rice (again), but this time he wasn't as impressed as before - although edible (rice was flavourful), somehow it didn't taste as authentic, he said. By the way, the roasted chicken rice was not part of the lunch deal.

Nasi Lemak with beef rendang

I ordered the nasi lemak, and given the choice to have it served with beef rendang, chicken curry or fried chicken, I opted for the rendang. Not a fan of the sambal served with the nasi lemak, but everything else was pretty decent.

Overall, value for money for a decent malaysian meal, if you have the lunch deal. I have been back a couple of times for the lunch deal since, and wouldn't mind the occasional dinner here if I am really craving for Malaysian food without wanting to travel far.

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