Friday, April 26, 2013

The Ivy [at] Olinda, Mt. Dandenong

Gosh, I cannot believe it has been one whole year since my last post on this blog! What happened to being obsessed (albeit mildly) about photographing and talking about food??

Anywho, the sudden resurgence of this blog is now due to our visit yesterday to The Ivy in Mt. Dandenong. Have posted the below review on Urbanspoon directly:

Having been here once and being quite happy with their dinner meals, I thought it'd be a nice place to bring my mother and mother-in-law over for lunch on Anzac Day. Wood-fired pizzas we ordered were decent, kid's meal was unexpectedly small-sized (for my 11yo nephew). When we asked for the bill, we gave our Entertainment Book voucher to get our "Buy 1 main, get 1 main meal free" deal, only to be ABRUPTLY and RUDELY told that they do not accept the vouchers on public holidays, that this was an Entertainment Book ruling, and we would have to take it up with Entertainment Book. When I (very calmly) tried to clarify that the Book specifically states that the vouchers are ONLY NOT VALID on:
- Christmas eve, Christmas day, Boxing Day, new year's eve, new year's day
- Valentine's Day,
- Good Friday and Easter Sunday
- Mother's Day;
The man at the counter (presumably the business owner), interrupted me and rudely insisted that they do not accept it on public holidays that I should bring up the matter with Entertainment Book.

If business owners cannot financially afford to partner with Entertainment Book to offer such deals honouring its terms and conditions, they just shouldn't partner with them in the first place.

Extremely appalling. Will definitely not be back to The Ivy. This is of no loss to me, as there are many other establishments on Mt Dandenong to visit. Would gladly pay full price (instead of saving a mere $25) to businesses that have more integrity!

You can be sure that I would not be recommending this place to friends any longer.
Really so appalling and disappointing. There are SO MANY other places on Mt. Dandenong to dine at; they can be certain we will not be returning.

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