Friday, April 26, 2013

Wonderbao [at] Melbourne CBD

I had visited Wonderbao AGES ago, and realised this blog post was still unpublished in draft form. And what do I see on Urbanspoon today? That Wonderbao is now the second most talked about place in Melbourne - Ooohhhh - i was there first (kinda, not really; but I was there before ALL the recent hype!) - well done wonderbao peeps!


Finally got the chance to try out wonderbao. At $3.8 per special bao it's not terribly expensive. We ordered 2 different kinds of pork belly bao, and a vegetarian one, as well as a pork da bao and a chicken one.

My favourite bao was the pork belly bao with pickled vegetables. Sorry- didn't take the time to note down the actual description on the menu. I also thought the pork da bao was pretty good too. A noticeable difference from the $2 ones u get from your local Chinese takeaway shop or the frozen ones from the Asian grocer (uhm, come to think of it, perhaps the ones you get from the local Chinese takeaway shop ARE the frozen ones from the grocery). Anyway, THESE ones actually taste of pork and the meat was juicy.

Overall, a like! Would be happy to grab a quick bite from here again!

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