Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cafe Indigo [at] Point Cook

Cafe Indigo really does not look like a cafe I'd even consider stepping into. Decor-wise, it was really unimpressive; it really just looked drab and boring - kinda like those places that serve kraft 99% fat-free overly-sweet mayo in their salads, or "free-form" lasagne, or unidentified/unspecified "meat" pies... you get the picture.

It was only because I was on the way to the loo at the Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre in Point Cook, and walked past the cafe and came across its menu. Words like "Meredith Dairy Goat's Feta" and "wagyu" and "pulled pork" jumped out and surprised me. I couldn't believe my eyes! Could this really be true??? The guy at counter also mentioned that if I didn't like the coffee, they would give my money back!

They print out their menus on 'normal' paper and so I could just take a copy home. The menu stuck on our fridge and we planned to go give it a try "no matter what".

I really really wanted to like it!

And so the verdict?

We popped over for lunch on a Saturday. The Husband felt like the lamb burger, and I wanted to give the pulled pork sandwich a go.

I would have liked the pulled pork sandwich to have been a bit more moist. The pork was a tad dry and I felt there wasn't enough sauce. Would've like it if the coleslaw had just that little bit more dressing.

The Husband was reasonably happy with his lamb burger; I felt it needed a little more salt, and my homemade burgers are probably yummier.

That said, for $10-11 per dish, it was very reasonable and we were happy enough to not mind trying the other items on the menu next time. I was more than happy to pay $10 for the meal, but certainly not if I had to pay the same price as what you'd get in the city (~$17).

Chips were fresh - so score one on that! Coffee was drinkable, surprisingly.

Overall impression: The menu definitely sounds more impressive than the actual dishes. But if I was in the area and needed to have lunch out or a coffee, I really wouldn't mind dining here again. But it'd need quite a bit of work before I could call it a 'great cafe'

All the best!

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